Transport logistics

Transport logistics of pharmaceutical goods is the most important link in a closed system of services for pharmaceutical companies. High-quality transportation of medicines directly depends on strict adherence to the optimal temperature regime recommended by the manufacturer. Only by observing this rule, we can preserve the beneficial properties of products without affecting their effectiveness. Each type of medicinal product has individual requirements for storage and transportation. NC Logistic guarantees the safety of the transported goods, the preservation of the tightness of the packaging of the goods and their original properties. The Company provides transportation of goods using a validated vehicle fleet equipped with thermal monitoring controls with the provision of a temperature report. All medicines are shipped medicines are shipped in full compliance with the quality of Good Distribution Practice (GDP).We have eliminated the possibility of overheating or overcooling medicines during transportation and fully preserve their pharmacological properties by using the best modern refrigerating chambers, providing thermal containers to maintain the optimal temperature, refrigeration elements and thermal sensors. The transportation is based on multi-temperature technology, which allows one vehicle to transport several types of cargo with different temperature requirements.

We pay particular attention to the observance of the cold chain, within which it is mandatory to maintain a certain temperature for storage and transportation of medicinal products, medical devices and any other temperature-dependent pharmaceutical products from the moment of manufacture to receipt by the consumer. Violation of the cold chain regime leads to an irreversible loss of the pharmacological properties of drugs and the immunogenic activity of vaccines. NC Logistic guarantees the preservation of the cold chain regardless of the final destination and time of year. Transportations by refrigerators include temperature regimes from +25 to –24°С. The resources of NC Logistic make it possible to deliver medicines in Moscow, the Moscow region, and throughout Russia.. The presence of agreements with airlines allows for the collection and delivery of pharmaceutical cargo to Moscow airports with subsequent delivery to the regions.

NC Logistic provides cross-docking services. The technology has special advantages in contrast to standard solutions, since it excludes the stage of storing goods at the warehouse, thereby saving time and money. The main advantage of cross-docking is direct delivery of the order to the recipient. The verified and well-functioning scheme of cargo movement allows reducing delivery time by 3-4 times and saving up to 30% of its cost. NC Logistic prioritizes the provision of quality services to each client. We offer professional complex solutions in the field of transport logistics, and we guarantee the accurate execution of tasks.