The client should see you as a reliable, trusted partner with a high level of operational capabilities and service competencies”.

NC Logistic, the specialized 3PL operator, has put into operation a new refrigerator with a temperature regime of +2…+8 °С. Its launch has increased the warehouse storage capacity of thermolabile products to 5.6 thousand pallet spaces. The equipment complies with GDP standards.

The new refrigerating chamber is designed for a one-time storage of 2.1 thousand pallets. The volumes of warehouse storage of thermolabile products of the logistics operator have increased by 60%. The refrigerating chamber provides not only pallet storage, but also shelf storage with the possibility of handling piece goods.

“The unfavorable epidemiological situation, access control and an increase in delivery times did not affect the timely implementation of this project”, said Garold Vlasov, the Managing Director of NC Logistic. – “As planned, the chamber was released on June 1. I would like to thank our partners, Severnoye Domodedovo, PLC, for their help in the implementation of the project. The additional electric power provided on time accelerated the work process and neutralized temporary negative factors”..

The Company emphasizes that refrigeration equipment meets all sanitary and epidemiological rules and ensures the safety and quality of immunobiological medicinal products, vaccines, cancer drugs, products for the treatment of rare diseases, etc.

Adequate quality is ensured by the cold chain system. One of the conditions is the presence of a temperature gateway. Garold Vlasov said that the new project provided for doubling the temperature gateway in size. In his opinion, the increase in the gateway will allow the Company to qualitatively increase the throughput of the warehouse complex during the vaccination period and other active seasonal peaks.