Switching to SSCC-Code has simplified and speeded up NC Logistic warehouse processes

Garold Vlasov, the Managing Director of NC Logistic, described the working peculiarities of the specialized 3-PL operator during the implementation of Information System for Monitoring the Movement of Medicinal Products (IS MMMP) introduced within the company.

“Over the past month, we have interacted with our clients very closely,” he said. “Until the last moment, many partners hoped for the transfer of marking and were in “sleep mode”.

The time lost by clients to integrate with a logistics service provider has to be made up as quickly as possible, covering a long distance in a very short time.

“When forming the SOW for our IT solution, for the convenience of work in the MMMP system, we changed the principle of accounting for goods and switched from PID to SSCC-code (serial code of transport packaging),” said the Managing Director of NC Logistic. “The SSCC code allows you to associate a logistics unit with its nesting, makes it possible to create a continuous and transparent chain of product traceability”.

Garold Vlasov emphasized that the transition to SSCC-code accounting has accelerated and simplified the warehouse processes of the logistics operator. And last but not least, it takes into account all the needs of the client as much as possible.

Speaking about the real load on the IS MMMP, Garold Vlasov noted that the “zero” hour will not happen until September, when all manufacturers will start to release into the stream of commerce and ship newly produced labeled products.

And here, in his opinion, stable operation of the national digital marking system “Honest Mark” is important.

The Managing Director of NC Logistic has expressed hope that the situation will stabilize during the current month. “As you may know, not all new things go smoothly, much less such a large-scale project,” he added. “I am sure that Honest Mark will fix bugs that appear and will remain at first”.

Garold Vlasov has expressed confidence that it will take time and adaptation at all levels: manufacturer, 3PL operator, wholesaler, pharmacy chains and medical institutions.

“Any automation of the process, and especially if it is associated with technical solutions, is a chance to take one step back, and not to the beginning. Everything will depend on our overall efficiency and timely response to changes”, he concluded.