Quality management system

The main indicator of the quality of services provided to pharmaceutical companies is the implementation of a quality management system by the logistics operator. The general principles of the quality management system of NC Logistic comply with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard. The Company operates in compliance with the principles of good distribution practice for medicines in terms of storage, processing and transportation of pharmaceuticals. Warehouse complexes are equipped in accordance with all the requirements of GDP standards. Licensing was carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in accordance with the requirements and norms of compliance with both Russian and international standards. The quality of activities of NC Logistic is verified by supervisory authorities on an annual basis. The Company has implemented risk and change management systems and has established a detailed procedure for handling deviations. All operational, administrative and support processes are formalized at the level of SOPs and detailed operational and work instructions.

The quality management system of NC Logistic implements the following principles:

  • Assessment of performance results;
  • Enhanced control of processes at all stages of material management;
  • Introduction of innovative technical equipment and IT systems integrated with customer programs for continuous monitoring and regulation of medicinal product movements;
  • Compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation and ISO 9001:2008 and GDP/GSP international quality standards;
  • Ensuring high professional qualifications of employees;
  • Transparency of business.

Nadezhda Viktorovna Pavlova

Complaint Handling Manager

+7 (495) 822-15-90

NC Logistic warehouses are equipped with climate monitoring systems to maintain the required temperature and humidity with the ability to regulate temperature in the ranges: +15…+25 ̊С; +8…+15 ̊С; +2…+8 ̊С; -24 ̊С. Maintaining the specified temperature and humidity conditions ensures proper storage conditions for medicines and medical supplies. We pay particular attention to compliance with the cold chain.

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Our validated system for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions includes:

  • More than 50 points of regular monitoring of temperature and humidity by the Gigrotermon system, which operates 24/7
  • Three-level notification system when indicators approach critical levels (SMS-informing, sound alarm, e-mail distribution)
  • Emergency action plan, which provides for the presence of backup power lines and diesel electric generators in case of emergency, 100 percent redundancy of refrigeration units of refrigerating chambers, trained personnel familiar with the action plan to rescue products of different storage temperatures.

The disputes are settled by the claim handling service. The division covers 100% of external and internal complaints, which makes it possible to quickly respond to all incoming requests and constantly monitor the processes. Employees of NC Logistic warehouse complexes properly solve professional problems. All personnel of the logistics park are constantly improving their competence and undergoing multi-level training within the Company, including compulsory training. Key employees of the Company have a pharmaceutical education and regularly confirm their qualifications, undergo external training.