NC Logistic will supply equipment for the Moscow Department of Health

Under the government contract, NC Logistic has developed a software and hardware complex for scanning the identifiers of consumer packaging of medicines for the Moscow Department of Health. Innovative equipment allows using the flow method to control, reject and aggregate medicinal products.

Introduction of IS MMMP will make the acceptance of labeled products more labor-intensive. We can optimize warehouse processes using an automated code reader.

“We have developed a software and hardware complex for scanning SGTIN, which provides total control of manufactured medicines and excludes the possibility of and to exclude the possibility of appearance of counterfeit products at pharmacies”, said Garold Vlasov, the Managing Director of NC Logistic. — “The uniqueness of the equipment lies in the high-speed flow control method for reading DATA-matrix codes, rejecting and aggregation medicinal products. Its efficiency increases productivity by regulating the flow rate”..

According to Garold Vlasov, the equipment will be suitable for a 3-PL operator, temporary storage warehouse, distribution center, pharmacy chains, wholesalers, etc.