NC Logistic operator has expressed its readiness to work with labeled products of BSS

NC Logistic operator has completed the integration of information systems with BSS and is ready to work with its labeled products

“For three months, employees have worked in several directions to connect BSS’s ERP to the warehouse management system”, said Garold Vlasov, the Managing Director of NC Logistic. “At the moment, all the processes related to the processing of labeled goods and reporting in the IS MMMP have been finalized.”

As NC Logistic emphasizes, the 3PL operator’s warehouse system supports a wide range of client information systems protocols, and is also capable of storing a large number of strict record codes.

Let us recall that NC Logistic operator and BSS pharmaceutical company have signed a comprehensive logistics service agreement at the beginning of this year. The agreement provides for the provision of services for the storage and processing of medicinal products and medical devices.