Consulting services for foreign economic activity and pharmaceutical order

NC Logistic provides a range of consulting services in the field of foreign economic activity and pharmaceutical order. Foreign economic activity consulting is a popular service among manufacturers, as it is directly related to the issues of import, exportand re-import. When entering the international market, it is necessary to comply with the pharmaceutical order and all legislative regulations to exclude financial and other losses. The Company’s specialists will work out optimal solutions regarding the organization of international transportation of pharmaceutical products. They will assist in obtaining permits, certificates and other documents in order to minimize the costs of storage and transportation of goods. They will provide information on the regulation of import and export cargo flows, a list of required documentation for customs clearance. They will form a set of documents, describe the processes, and develop SOPs, instructions in relation to the warehouse topology, individual schemes for handling goods. They will advise on all stages of cargo transportation.

We offer the following services:

  • Consulting on all issues related to customs clearance and international transportation of medicines and medical products
  • Creating a new model of foreign economic activity or optimization of a previously developed model
  • Consulting during the direct implementation of import-export operations
  • Developing optimal logistics schemes within the country and abroad
  • Review of foreign trade contracts and any documents related to foreign economic activity
  • Assessment of design documents
  • Assessment of customs risks when importing medicines
  • Advising on the preparation of documents for obtaining a decision regarding the classification of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia for imported medicinal products
  • Development of responses to requests from the FCS for additional documentation
  • Advising on the classification of goods in accordance with the FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature)